Aesthete Fine Arts offers a number of Corporate Art Services that meet the many diverse needs of our clients. From the planning stage to the final installation, our team will be there to assist you with a trusted and reputable full service process.

Art has the power to create transformative messages including innovation, longevity, productivity and community engagement.

collection benefits


Our curatorial staff will work closely with your company or organization to develop commissions and projects that are tied to your vision, mission and mandate. We will work with artists to facilitate projects that are representative of your image and brand.

Your collection can be seen as a continuation of your marketing and communications development and our experts can help you chose work that will communicate the needs of your organization.


The impacts of having artwork in your workspace are overwhelmingly positive. A piece of Art can lift your employees morale, enhance their work environment, improve retention and increase productivity. Art can stimulate conversation and creativity, gaining you new prospects and new ideas.


Displaying local artists in your collection is a wonderful way to foster new relationships and garner support in your community.

Art is an investment and a valuable networking tool.

If done correctly, collecting Art can be a valid investment. As a market industry that has increased by 154% since 2003, our staff can help you make the right decisions on what pieces will provide the best investment.

Art is a fantastic conversation starter and the art world is filled with key players in business. Having interesting and beautiful artworks installed at your business can help create new and meaningful conversations with clients, customers and partners.

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