Fine Art and Antique Appraisals

Our Gallery offers Fine Art Appraisal by our experienced curator Shelby Richardson. Shelby has been working in the Art industry for over 15 years and has Masters in Anthropology of the Arts from the University of Victoria, as well as a Bachelors in Art Criticism and Curatorial Practice from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She also holds a diploma in Interior Design and is currently a Candidate for Membership with the International Society of Appraisers. Shelby has extensive experience working with various museums and art galleries and specializes in Canadian Art History and Indigenous Art from British Columbia.

What is an Appraisal?

An appraisal is an opinion of value, present worth of future earnings or estimated cost or price, that is performed by a qualified appraiser. The appraisal consists of a written report that outlines the value of the work in question in regards to the client's objective needs. 

Why should I get an Appraisal?

Art appraisals are necessary to determine value in regards to insurance coverage, tax liability, charitable contributions, capital gains and equitable distribution of property. Appraisals are recommended every five years or concurrent to market changes in order to keep the value current. 

How much does an Appraisal typically cost? 

Appraisals are priced in relation to the amount of time or scope-of-work that is required to meet the client's objective. They are not priced in relation to the value of the artwork. Estimates are provided to our clients after the appraiser has garnered a good understanding of the clients objectives and the size of the collection being appraised. 

Once the client has approved the estimate a 50% deposit is required for the appraiser to begin their work. 

What counts as a qualified appraiser?

A qualified appraiser is an individual who has a thorough understanding of the theory, principals and standards of value. This includes a learned methodology, an understanding of the standards set by Appraisal Standards Board Uniform Professional Appraisal Practice. A qualified appraiser will be in good-standing with their affiliated appraisal organization and normally will be required to update their skills every two to five years. 

What if I just want someone to come and take a look at my collection? 

Our appraiser can provide you with a walk-through evaluation to determine if the collection is worthy of a full appraisal report or price evaluation.  A walk-through is simply performed by the appraiser to get a sense of the collection and no values will be determined or reported at the time of the service. 

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